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Leh Wi Lan: Improving The Quality Of Secondary Education In Sierra Leone

Leh Wi Lan aims to improve pupil learning outcomes in English and mathematics in all Sierra Leonean secondary schools, with important focus on girls and pupils with disabilities. The programme has the following components: making schools safe for girls, improving learning conditions in schools for boys and girls, strengthening central and district capacity to oversee educational reform, and improving monitoring and learning. The programme is aligned with the Sierra Leone Government's Free Quality School Education Programme - to provide 12 years of free quality schooling to all children in Sierra Leone over the next 5 years.

The impact of this programme will be measured by improvements in the West Africa regional secondary school examinations taken after three years (the basic certificate) and after six years (the senior certificate). An additional 14,000 girls and boys are expected to pass English and Maths, with a narrowing of the performance gap between boys and girls. The outcome of the programme will establish an enabling environment for secondary school students, especially girls, to be safe, to learn and to achieve.