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Government of Sierra Leone

What We Do

Sierra Leone as a country has been receiving assistance to foster its development as early as the 1960’s. During this time, religious bodies working in the parishes took the lead in simulating development activities at grass root level with the participation of the citizens. Consequently, increased awareness of the vital role of Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) attracted local, private, public donations as well as international donor funding for implementing specific activities across the country. The Government of Sierra Leone recognising the valuable role NGOs play in National development developed a policy to guide the work of NGOs which was ratified in 2009 and reviewed in 2015. Both documents clearly stipulated that there must be an existing NGO desk in all GoSL ministries. The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education has had such a desk which coordinates the support efforts of implementing partners since 2009. This desk registers and monitors the intervention of implementing partners, found to be qualified to work in the area of education in Sierra Leone.

The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education in its stride to support and strengthen the coordinating function of the NGO desk, in 2015, established a Development Partners’ Coordination desk in the Office of the Coordinator, Presidents Recovery Priorities (PRP) which provided support towards the coordination of the activities of development partners that were working in the Education Sector of Sierra Leone. To date, this desk with support from the European Union, continues its work in coordinating the input and work of development partners in education for the implementation of various components of the Free Quality School Education Programme and the 2018-2020 Education Sector Plan (ESP).

The Development Partners’ Coordination Desk and the NGO desk coordinates activities between the Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education and its Donor and Implementing Partners working in the Education Sector of Sierra Leone.

Functions of the NGO Desk

  • Facilitate the work of NGOs in the sector, supporting their partnership with national oversight institutions/ actors as well as district level institutions and actors;Ensure NGO activities are well aligned to sector development priorities
  • Maintaining Effective database of NGO operations in the sector
  • Constantly liaising with the NGO unit at the Ministry of Finance on the operations of NGOs in the sector. The NGO desk where necessary will facilitate the coordination of NGOs at sector level and collaboration with other sectors in collaborating NGO activities and
  • Monitoring, Evaluating and Reporting on the activities and contributions of NGOs.

Functions of the Development Partners Desk

  • Support the alignment of/ donor Partner Intervention with that of the 2018-2020 ESP
  • Facilitate Bi-Monthly Education Development Partner Coordination Meetings
  • Design Questionnaires and data processing tools for obtaining all partner/ donor resources and interventions that a specifically mentioned in the 2018-2020 Education Sector Plan (ESP)
  • Provide substantive support to the office of the permanent secretary and the on broader coordination of Development Partners’ Support that are directly linked to the interventions of the 2018-2020 ESP
  • Work closely with the NGO desk officer in the MBSSE to Obtain information on the Registration of in line with the MBSSE guidelines
  • Participate in routine field visits with the M&E and the NGO desk officer to help assess the support provided by the education development partners
  • Provide technical support to the change unit in MBSSE in the facilitation of resource mobilization activities
  • Facilitate the annual joint education sector review process
  • Obtain and make available information on activities/ interventions of all development/ donor partners working in/ providing support to education in Sierra Leone through MBSSE endorsed information platforms
  • Attending meetings involving MBSSE and Development/ Donor Partners
  • Request report on partners Planned, new and ongoing activities/interventions on behalf of MBSSE with which a partner is actively working

Our Vision

A clear Pathway that strengthens collaboration for Developmental Support within the Education Sector of Sierra Leone 

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Western Region Office

  • Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE), New England Ville, Freetown, Sierra Leone
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