Gender Unit

To Advocate; Coordinate; Sensitize; implement; Monitor; Mobilize; Lobby; Conduct research; Visit Juvenile homes, slum areas, disaster/war zones to support girl; collaborate with:

• UN Agencies,

• International Agencies;

• Line Ministries,

• Civil Society Organization;

• Non-Governmental Organization;

• Local Councils Community leaders;

• Education Stakeholders;

• Parliamentarians;

• Private Sector players (banks, companies and parastatals for support and smooth transition into the field of work)

Director of Educational Programmes and Services

• To promote girls’ quality education ( for increased girls’ access retention and completion);

• Elimination of barriers to women and girls’ education (teenage pregnancy and school-related gender violence) for the enhancement of women and girls’ empowerment through quality education.

• Reports


• Radio Discussion on Issues affecting girls’ education

• School visitation to engage internal stakeholders on strategies to enhance increased access and retention for quality education

• Organizing meetings for increased collaboration and improved coordination;

• Collaborating with Agencies, Line ministries, CSOs, politicians and communities to organize global functions to recognize and promote women and girls’ empowerment, such as: o International Women’s Day; o Day of the African Child


• Attend collaborative meetings organized/convened by other partners;

• Organize monthly and weekly meetings’

• Organize Workshops;

• Collaborate and coordinate the design of activities

• Organize ‘Girls’ Education Week’ and the Celebration of The International Day of The Girl-Child’

• Collaborate with: o The UN Family; o Agencies; o Line ministries; o Civil Society Organizations; o School stakeholders; o Communities; o Non-Governmental Organizations o Organize ‘Girls’ Education week’ and the Celebration of ‘The International Day of the Girl- Child’, o Supervise and monitor implementation at chiefdom, district and national levels; o Report writing and Documentation; o Prepare Work, Plan for Next year; o Sensitize and organize meetings.

• Community Sensitization on the importance of educating the girl-child’

• Ensure that girls’ are enrolled in schools and help them to remain and complete their schooling.

• Collaborate with UNICEF and other UN Agencies, (NGOs, NGOs and CSOs, line ministries parliamentarians, Councils, schools and communities.

• Undertake Resource mobilization and utilization to support marginalized girls;

• Lobbying;

• Encourage girls to enter new fields of study;

• Coordinate partnerships and activities for women and girls empowerment and to enhance quality education.

• Visit juvenile Homes and Slum areas to educate girls on best practice for positive impacts in their lives, educational system and their communities.

• Conduct research on teenage pregnancy, out-of-school girls and other issues affecting girls lives and education ( emerging issues-Ebola and other natural disasters)

• Initiate advocacy programmes for the rights of women and girls in the area of education;

• Monitoring and Supervision of implementing Partners at chiefdom, district and national levels’

• Monitoring of implemented activities

• Report writing

• School Visitation

Email Address: aljk

Mobile Number: 076-600-958