Higher Education, Science and Technology

(a) Collaborate with relevant statutory bodies, development partners and Professional association to determine appropriate policies for the development of higher Education, Science and Technology and Technical/Vocational Education.

(b) Coordinate and supervise all activities within the Higher Education Sector of the Ministry;

(c) Prepare and issue instructions/guidelines for coordination of Higher Education, Science and Technology;

(d) Monitor the implementation of projects and programmes in Higher Education, Science and Technology;

(e) Prepare periodic reports on the status of Higher Education, Science and Technology for submission to Chief Education Officer;

(f) Perform any other duties within the scope and intent of the job as may be assigned from time to time.

Head – Nabie Mohamed Kamara Deputy Head – Musu Gorvie(Mrs.)

a) New Public University established in the Northern Region.

b) Coordinate and Supervise the appointments of substantive principals in all Polytechnics and Teacher Training Colleges.

c) Effective monitoring of both the conventional and Distance Education programmes implemented in our Tertiary institutions.

d) Supervise and monitor the implementation of in – service training in improving the quality of mathematics/ science.

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