Home Economics Unit

The main responsibilities of the Unit amongst many include the following:

1. Coordinating all activities of Home Economics Officers including teacher’s country wide.

2. Supervising all educational Institutions offering Home Economics courses country wide.

3. Formulate and advice suitable policy matters on Home Economics Education and ensure their implementation.

4. Liaises with and give necessary advice to all institutions offering Home Economics courses.

5. Conduct research on Home Economics activities in Primary, Secondary Technical Vocational and Tertiary Institutions country wide for data bank information.

6. Organize In-Service training courses for Home Economics teachers, Head teachers and organizers of Home Economics.

7. Organize Regional and District Forums for education Stakeholders in the country.

8. Strengthen Home Economics Centres with basic equipment and materials to enable them perform practical lessons.

The Unit is currently under staff and now hosts an Assistant Director and three (4) Regional Organizers, one has retired (Mrs. Elizabeth Kangbai) and the other died recently (The Late Mrs. Maseray Conteh) may her soul rest in perfect peace. The remaining two are Mrs. Musu Koroma in the Eastern Region and Mrs. Elizabeth Matia Head teacher Home Economics Centre (1) Bo, acting as Home Economics Organizer in the plave of Mrs. Elizabeth Kangbai in the Southern Region. Presently the Northern Region is without an Organizer for Home Economics to replace the Late Mrs Maseray Conteh.

The Home Economics Unit of the Ministry of Education Science and Technology like all career development institutions in the world, has as a major target developing skills and capacities of learners starting at infant to tertiary levels. The Unit has been able to meet this target through a range of achievable set tasks that include the following: • Conduction of forums on the importance of Home Economics Education in enhancing skills and capacities of learners for the job market.The activity was meant to cover thirteen (13) districts but ten (10) district were covered. Evidence of these forums was showed on S.L.B.S.T.V • Several home Home Economic Centres where infants and pupils are given introductory lessons on Home Economic have been astablished country wide as shown in table one (1) above. In order to enhance effective teaching and learning twenty-three (23) of these Centres were strengthen with equipment and learning materials. • Another major achievement was that the Unit set-up a monitoring team to supervise the use of equipment and teaching and learning materials supplied to the Home Economics Centres. The team supervised te4achers ion the preparation of notes of lessons and effective use of the given curricula for each level. Use of text books as source of materials was also stressed. The rarget for this task was to cover the thirty-six (36) Centres but 19 Centres have been covered so far and the supervision is ongoing In addition to the afore mentioned achievement, the Unit has several additional assignments representing Ministry of Education Science and Technology to the UNICEF led Mothers’ Club and also focal point Unit to the Ministry of Health – Nutrition programme and to the office of the Vice President for Scaling Up Nutrition movement (SUN). The Units contribution had been monitoring and guiding activities of mothers’ clubs, developing curriculum for MCH Aid and advocacy and awareness rising for SUN movement.

The 1st and 2nd quarter allocation was not accessed, therefore only Official Inspection of all Home Economics Centres in the Western Rural Urban area, North and Southern region was carried out all other activities are pending to be carried. The 3rd and 4th quarter activities have been partially done (Home Ecibinucs Quiz Competition carried out in the Southern Region Home Economics Centres for class six (6) pupils attending the Home Economics Centres) waiting to be compleed in September when schools are re-opened and funds allocated.

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