National Commission for Basic Education


  1. The Commission routinely provides statistical information of the performance of schools/pupils in the National Primary School, Basic Education Certificate, West African Senior Certificate and the National Vocational Qualification Examinations. It further provides disaggregated data of candidates entering for and passing these examinations as and when required by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology and other MDAs.
  2. It  facilitates the placement of all successful candidates in the NPSE and BECE, as appropriate.\
  3. The Commission carries out prompt interventions in cases of reported transgressions  of Ministry’s policies by schools.
  4. Researchers on education, but more particularly on basic education from the Universities and elsewhere, continue to take full advantage of the facilities we offer as a resource centre.
  5. Routine Monitoring of schools to ensure that government and government assisted schools adhere to stipulated school charges and other policies 
  6. Supervision and monitoring of the conduct of the  NPSE Examination and BECE
  7. Analysis of NPSE, BECE and WASSCE to determine the quality of performance of every school and for National –Awards
  8. Carries out investigations on the performance of pupils of Junior Secondary Schools to determine the eligibility of such schools to establish senior secondary schools as well.




Coordination of the training of 17,380 teachers nationwide on the Accelerated Teaching Syllabi for primary and secondary schools. 

Accelerated Learning Syllabi for Primary Schools 

Accelerated Learning Syllabi for Junior Secondary Schools 

Accelerated Learning Syllabi for Senior Secondary Schools