Physical Health Education Division

1. Monitor and supervise the teaching and learning of Physical Health Education in primary, Junior and senior secondary schools nationwide.

2. Collaborate with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology curriculum secretarial to review Physical Health Education

3. Organize games and sports (inter-primary/ Secondary/ Colleges University/Technical and vocational competitions.

4. Organize in – service course/workshops clinics for serving Physical Health Education Teachers of Primary and Secondary Schools.

1. Sahid Mohamed Conteh, Assistant Director, Physical Health education Ministry of Education, Science and Technology (Head)

2. Samuel S. Fullah, Ag. Senior Education Officer, Physical Health Education, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology.  

 To tap out talents for the Commonwealth games in Glasgow – Scotland through the organization of Inter Secondary Schools track and Field Athletics at regional and national levels. Inter – Collegiate/ University/ tech/Voc Track and Field Athletics.

Request for recruitment for Physical Health Education Officials nationwide, forwarded to public service Commission • - Needed – 28 •

2012 – Sierra Leone came 3rd in the African Under 13 Youth Football Championship held in Accra, Ghana • Inter-Secondary Tracks and Field Athletics, March 2014,. New record set in schools javeline record for girls. Methodist Girls High School

1. Jan – March: Inter – Secondary Schools Athletics

2. April – June: Inter – Collegiate / University / Tech / Voc Track and Field Athletics.

3. Jult – September: Organize In-Service course on charging rule in the various sport disciplines

4. October – December: Organize Inter-Secondary Schools Soccer, Volleyball and Tennis Competitions, organize national for regional schools combined teams in games 

Email address, Mobile number and other contact details 076/876 472 C/O Physical Health Education Ministry of Education, Science and Technology New England