Sierra Leone/Islamic Development Bank Project

• Managing and implementing projects funded by the Islamic Development Bank and GovSernment of Sierra Leone • In 2014, the Unit implemented two projects, namely: I. SL/0063/64 – Technical Vocational & Education Training (TVET) Project • The TVET Project was approved in 2007 for a loan and grant amount of ID5,391,000 and ID204,000 respectively • The project development objective is to mitigate the general shortage of skilled manpower by improving access to and quality of technical and vocational education and training • The project implementation was delayed due to high turnover of staff. Based on the growing new developments and Government’s priority shift in the TVET sub-sector, the need to re-visit the project scope and objective became imminent. Consequently 2011 the Government and the Islamic Development refocused some components of the project to meet the challenges of the Government Agenda for Change. II. SL/0067 – Rehabilitation of Magburaka Islamic College Buildings • The college’s infrastructure was completely vandalized, ruined and abandoned. • A total grant amount of USD1.25m was funded by Islamic Development Bank and the Government of the Kingdom of Suidi Arabia for the rehabilitation of the College buildings including furnishing and equipping the Science Laboratories. • Contract agreements were signed in 2010 by IDEAS Limited, a consulting firm and four contractors to undertake the Civil works and furnishing the buildings. • The grant amount of USD1.25 was grossly inadequate to fund the equipping of the Science laboratories. However, the project has already been completed with the exception of minor remedial activities.

The project Management Unit comprised of the following staff: 1. Project Director 2. Project Engineer 3. Project Admin & Finance Officer 4. Project Secretary & Assistant 5. Project Driver 6. Project Courier/Cleaner

The PMU’s major goal and target in 2014 is: • To undertake at least 60% of Civil works construction of the four Government Technical Institutes • Rollover all the procurement processes for the acquisition of furniture, equipment and machinery of the four government technical institutions • Undertake the TVET situation analysis study and organized validation workshop with TVET stakeholders • Organize procurement processes for the review of TVET Curriculum and selection of teaching and learning materials • Completion and handover fully rehabilitated Magburaka Islamic College to the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology

1. Commencement of Civil Works and Construction of four Government Technical Institutes in Kambia and Masingbi in the Northern Province; Kono in the Eastern Province and Samalen in Pujehun District in Southern Province 2. Conduct TVET Situation Analysis Studies 3. Procurement of furniture and equipment for the four government technical institutes 4. Preparation of teaching and learning materials +232 76 640 592