Student Unit

The Unit is responsible for the management and administration of international and local scholarship awards

Mr. M.M. Pearce, Mrs. E. Nicol, Mr. A.B. Conteh, Ms. Kadie Sesay and Ms. M. Bobb (Secretaries)

1. To Co-ordinate all international scholarship awards given to Sierra Leone and ensures that beneficiaries proceed for studies 2. Enhance the provision of tertiary education to Sierra Leoneans especially in those fields that are not offered in Sierra Leone 3. To support in the provision of tertiary education by offering Grants-in-Aid to students

• Advertisement of Chinese Government Scholarship and conducting of interviews • Selection and processing of documents of nominees for Chinese awards – February • Processing of claims for SLG/GIA beneficiaries (January – December) • Interviews for foreign awards dependent on the receipt on notices from awarding bodies: a. Interviews for commonwealth scholarships in November b. SLG/GIA Interviews in September – October c. IDB Awards in November d. Russian awards in February/March e. Cuban awards in March/April f. Morocco awards in February g. Bangladesh awards in April